Creating Profitable Connections

Local Competition Levels HVAC Contractor Playing Field Increasing Rank Incorrect information is not only a ranking killer, but it can also steer potential customers away from a business. Ask Google anything and it will provide an answer — even to its own mysterious list of service products like Google My Business (GMB). According to Google, GMB is

If you’re a business in the United States, your customers are on Facebook. 90 million businesses are using Facebook Pages, and 4 million are advertising on Facebook. 5 million businesses are using Instagram business profiles, and 2 million are advertising on Instagram. SMBs are flocking to Facebook, testing things out, and when they see results (which they are) they are spending more and

As a business, how likely is it that potential customers will come through your door? The whole point of an online presence is to entice customers into your store, your leasing office, or your showroom so you can convert them to paying customers rather than just browsers online. Further, nothing is more frustrating as a customer than

The Local Business Online Toolkit aims to help businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to succeed online. The tools include everything a local business needs, including a free e-commerce website and communication solutions for keeping in contact with customers. Many small businesses that are not online and e-commerce enabled are being disproportionately affected by the pandemic. The situation is

One of the biggest mistakes in marketing today is that businesses fail to put their customers at the heart of their marketing. To many businesses, contractor marketing is nothing more than touting products and services to anyone who will listen. Problem is, that method just doesn’t work in today’s world (unless you’re a company like Nike or Apple).

In late 2018, Google launched the ‘Google Guaranteed’ program in Canada. It is a Local Service ads feature that targets a few home service segments. This program guarantees satisfactory service delivery for customers and prevents fraudulent services. In this article, you will learn more about the procedure, terms, and conditions, policies, as well as other important info about

What is ‘Google Screened’ and how does it differ from ‘Google Guaranteed’? A screening program for professional services Google Guaranteed was introduced a few years ago, largely to boost consumer confidence in-home services providers appearing in Local Services Ads. More recently, this year, the company introduced another program for professional services, dubbed “Google Screened.” Limited categories, markets. Google