An Online Strategy Produces New Customers Every Month

A good or bad reputation can mean the difference between a business thriving and expanding, or closing their doors for good. In the digital age, a business’s reputation is controlled by consumers using online review platforms like Yelp, Google, and Facebook to announce the quality of their business publicly. The good news is that this lets businesses

Believe it or not, the same premise applies to negative review response as it does to positive reviews. How you respond to a negative review impacts not only the reviewer but all the sets of eyes that come afterward. Seeing a business handle a particularly challenging review online suggests that management is proud of their business and

If you’re a business in the United States, your customers are on Facebook. 90 million businesses are using Facebook Pages, and 4 million are advertising on Facebook. 5 million businesses are using Instagram business profiles, and 2 million are advertising on Instagram. SMBs are flocking to Facebook, testing things out, and when they see results (which they are) they are spending more and

The Local Business Online Toolkit aims to help businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to succeed online. The tools include everything a local business needs, including a free e-commerce website and communication solutions for keeping in contact with customers. Many small businesses that are not online and e-commerce enabled are being disproportionately affected by the pandemic. The situation is