What’s your bounce rate?

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 3.46.31 PMIt’s hard work and can be expensive to connect qualified visitors to your local pages, social pages, web site, and mobile sites. Visitors are searching and landed on your site for a reason.  So why do some bounce off to another site before exploring your pages?

If your site bounce rate is high, a site audit will uncover the issues that may be contributing to the problem.

I audited a web site for a Manhattan divorce attorney last month who contacted me because she noticed a significant drop in her web site traffic. Looking deeper, visitors were bouncing away from her site as soon as they hit the home page. The URL was indexed on Google but what I ultimately found were site descriptions for a music site.Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 8.16.37 PM

The attorney created some good content and was doing some internal link building but the audit uncovered hundreds of internal and external broken links. Also, the citations had inconsistent data listing her office at three different addresses in the first 12 directory sites I looked at.

These are all issues that impact the web site’s ability to show up in relevant Google searches.

Look at the content that your visitors are engaging with (or not engaging with) They really do read the content if it’s relevant to the search that bought them there. Do some internal link-building linking words to other articles and blog posts on your site. This will keep them on the site longer and help with your SEO.

The website exists to attract visitors to convert to new customers and revenue. Conversion is turning page visitors into leads for your business. If they are not engaging with your content they are not likely going to convert to business.

Create content that is engaging and relevant. Keep an eye on your site analytics. Once a visitor lands on your site what do they do? What % of visitors reach your home page and bounce off? If they stay, what content is engaging them to stay and read it? What pages do your visitors click away from without taking the time to read the content? Is your messaging and content attracting visitors that convert to business?

A significant number of your first-time visitors are at the research stage of their buying journey and will “bounce” to the next site to research your completion. Set up your site with code to tag each visitor to re-engage them after they leave your pages and visit other sites. You can pull some code easily from Facebook Ad Manager.  Then you can use retargeting to nurture them back to your pages. Retargeting is being used more and if you’re not doing it, you may be losing these opportunities to your competition.

images (4)If a prospective client called your business to ask a few questions, you would follow-up to nurture the lead until you could sign them as your client. Re-marketing is the same effort online continuing to engage each visitor throughout their buying journey until they get to the decision-making stage and call your business.

They landed on your site for a reason. Recapture the “bounced” opportunity using re-targeting to direct them back to your pages. These are your next customers, clients, patients, and sales.


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