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On New Year’s Eve, one of the most frequently searched words is “pizza”?  It’s a very busy day for pizza restaurants and they make sure they are set up to receive as many orders as they can handle. It’s a very competitive business, especially in New York where there are hundreds of options and listings on Google, Seamless, and hundreds of other local and delivery platforms.

On New Year’s Day “divorce attorney” has become one of the most frequently searched words on Google. Every year, after Thanksgiving, we start to receive emails and calls from divorce attorneys looking for advice on how to capture more of the divorce attorney search leads that follow the holidays. This is also a very competitive business, in New York.

Divorce Attorney Search

“The Christmas season isn’t always the happiest time of the year for couples”, according to a survey by the law firm Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, which found that divorce filings jump by nearly one-third following the holidays.

Divorce attorney relationships are what started our agency.  We help local professionals create a better digital presence to get and convert more business online.

There are a few areas where an attorney can do the work to improve your online visibility to capture more clicks for each for divorce attorney search including and most importantly, Google search rankings.

Improve Your Visibility

It’s important to have your website audited periodically. Website audits are essential to improve the site’s visibility and improve the Google search ranking. The audit will also help to increase site traffic and performance. In short, an audit keeps your site operating at peak performance and sets you up for continued growth online.

Last month we audited a website for a divorce attorney and the results were alarming and they were negatively impacting her business. You can read about what we found through this link.

Divorce Attorney Search
Mobile Search for Attorneys

In addition to auditing your website, if it was not created to be mobile-friendly, it’s time for a redesign. In 2020, having a mobile-enabled website is essential to maximizing your

opportunity online. This will be so important moving forward that I would start by building a mobile site that renders well for a desktop. The graph embedded into this post shows the majority of searches for an attorney initiate on a mobile device. This is increasingly the same for most business categories.


Create a blog on your web site and contribute to it weekly. The optimal length of a blog post is between 1000 – 2000 words. Longer posts generally perform better in searchPosts that are more than 2000 words receive more social shares. The average word length for a blogpost found in the first 5 positions of Google was aprx1800 words.

Relevant content is the foundation for your online presence. Good content will build your credibility online and offline. Online the content and the longer visitor sessions will be a factor in improving your SEO. (search optimization) Where it’s relevant, do some internal link building by linking to other posts on your site.

Reviews are some of the best online content you can have written about you and with a professional approach, clients are more than happy to write something for you.

In addition to internal link building, do some research and start to do some external link building to credible 3rd party sites. There are six ways you can tell if your website is credible.

  1. Author – Information on the internet with a listed author is one indication of a credible site.
  2. Date – The date of any research information is important
  3. Sources – Credible websites, should cite the source of the information presented.
  4. Domain –  .edu is reserved for colleges and universities while .gov denotes a government website and both are usually credible sources for information and good sources to link to.
  5. Site Design – Subjective, but a well-designed site can be an indication of more reliable information.
  6. Writing Style – Poor spelling and grammar are an indication that the site may not be credible.

Local Law Firm Presence

Check your citations periodically. Citations are your business information on directories and review sites. There are literally hundreds of them. This link will take you to a list of the ones that are relevant to a law firm and consumers go to perform a divorce attorney search. Listing with the four major data providers will share your business data with a large number of the local directories considered the most credible.

  1. Axiom
  2. Factual
  3. Localeze
  4. InfoGroup

The consistency of the business information across these sites has an impact on your SEO. The NAP (name, address, phone) has to be accurate and consistent on every credible directory and review site. If you find some with outdated information, unfortunately even if you update they can change back over time so a listing service will save you a lot of time and effort to manage a critical part of your local SEO.

Tag to Retarget

Hiring an attorney is usually not a decision made without doing some research.  Potential clients follow a process that starts at awareness, created by the credible, relevant content Google crawled that got your business listed on the first page of the search results. Awareness is followed by interest. The interest created by the credible content on the pages they click through to from Google. Consideration is supported by reviews, case studies, testimonials, and your reputation all accessible from your blog and web site pages. The quality of how you are represented online will guide your lead through their decision-making process keeping them engaged. Last, is conversion supported by reengaging them with an offer for a consultation where you have the opportunity to sign your next client.

How-to-Create-a-Marketing-Funnel-With-Facebook-Retargeting-500x270When they find you online, the first visit to your site may not result in a call if they at the beginning or in the middle of this journey. The next click could be a competitor’s website.  It’s critical to tag these visitors so you have the opportunity to re-engage them on other sites after they leave. If you don’t take this step, you will lose the opportunity to a competitor who has tagged them on that initial visit. Stay top-of-mind until they get to the end of their research and ready to pick up the phone and hire an attorney. This works in any business where the decision-making process involves more research and has a longer decision-making cycle. retargeting-1

A search strategy, good content, and a process will generate new business inquiries for your practice.

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