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Finding Patients on Facebook

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Online advertising is becoming extremely popular because it can be very simple and easy to reach a lot of people.  There are many businesses who are opting to put many of their resources into researching and learning how to best navigate online advertisements.  The number one part of an online advertiser’s success is knowing their audience.  

A campaign that is not targeted towards the correct audience will quickly fizzle out.  To have a successful social media campaign you will need to find your ideal audience and learn how to target that group.  Facebook does a fantastic job of providing the tools needed to create these target groups.

There are a few ways to ensure that you are getting the most out of your advertisements while using a Facebook campaign.  The top three groups to target in the dental industry are family, young adult and orthodontics, and cosmetic.  With Facebook, you are able to target these groups.

Budgets are wasted when targeting too broad of a group or idea.  Target by looking at their specific purchases, lifestyle, and age.

Facebook Ads and Family Dentistry

Family dentistry is an easier target group to reach.  When looking to find new patients you are able to target those that are already seeking out care.  In many families, women do much of the decision making when it comes to healthcare.  The ideal group to focus on will be these women who have had children.  Typically starting around the age of twenty-five up to fifty-five will be the best range to find families that need care.

Facebook allows you to explore demographics to choose just the right category.  Target parents with infants up to early teens.  Targeting older than this will lead you to find people who will soon be making their own dentistry decisions once they are adults.

There is an option to explore the “Purchase Behaviors” on Facebook.  Purchases that you are looking for are avid shopping in dental hygiene, baby care items, and even those who like self-care spa items.  These individuals are more likely to be interested in establishing a relationship with a family dentist office.

Another great section to visit is the general “Behavior” section.  This portion will help you learn more about how you are able to reach your desired groups.  It will push you in the right direction towards parents who are already searching for health products for their families.

Targeting Example: “Women with children who recently moved into your city limits”.

Facebook Ads for Orthodontics

Young Adult and Orthodontics is a difficult group to tackle.  In recent years it has become much more common for adults to wear braces. This is partly because of the many options that are now available like invisible braces.  Getting adult patients is much easier than before because they are seeking out dental care and an orthodontist.

The problem lies in the fact there are also many people that are in the teenager to the young adult category that also needs an orthodontist.  It’s a two-sided strategy because there is a large gap in the ages of your target groups.  Your target group should include late teens up to forty-five.  Make sure you are targeting men and women. 

Facebook allows you to look at target groups by “Generation”.  With the many groups that need an orthodontist, there are many generations that can be selected including the Millennials, Generation X, and the Baby Boomer.  This is going to give you that broad range of ages you need to attract as many new patients as possible.

Much of this category is made up of the younger generation, the Millennials, and Generation X.  These generations are very savvy with technology.  There is a Facebook option to target “Mobile Device User”.  This is going to help you track those that are using their mobile devices and use that to your advantage to customize your advertisements to these platforms.


Targeting Example: “Women with children between the ages of 8 and 18 years old.”

Facebook Ads and Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry looks a little different for everyone. Depending on what services your office prefers will change what the target group of patients will be. This category can be broad or very specific and Facebook has a lot of great options to help you find your next patient.

With the many different services that your offices offer, it will be best to target both men and women.  The age group for this type of dentistry ranges from the early thirties to above sixty-five and older.  The best way to find these groups is to visit the “More Demographics” section to find the audience that is well established in their lives and ready to make cosmetic dentistry decisions. 

The job that a person does can be very telling as to whether they would be interested in cosmetic dental work.  Anyone in a more public job is going to be much more open to giving their smile that extra shine.  Use the “Financial” and “Work” sections to learn about what jobs people are currently working in. For example, professions like an attorney, anyone in the media, or management positions.

The “Behaviors” section can help you learn more about people who are already purchasing products that are for health care needs.  Those that invest in health or cosmetic items already are will to spend the extra money for a great-looking smile.

Another aspect to consider, that is very Facebook oriented, is looking towards people that upload a lot of photos.  The “Behaviors” section will allow you to target people who are uploading more than fifty photos within a month.  If these people are taking many pictures of themselves, it is likely they are very aware of what they look like.  They will want every photo of them to have the perfect smile.

Don’t forget the Facebook pixel. Each potential patient that lands on your Facebook page or website after seeing an advertisement came there for a reason. They are a lost opportunity without re-targeting.

Social media is a hot spot for advertisements.  Everyone uses it and a great advertisement can be shared many times.  When a business uses data from Facebook to tailor its campaign toward its designated target group it will reach more people who are genuinely interested in their service.  With help from the many options from Facebook, any campaign can quickly become a success to drive more patients to your practice.

Targeting Example: “Women who are recently engaged or who have an anniversary coming up.”

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