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Dental Case Studies

Case #1


Case #2



Primary focus – Lead Generation

This campaign is geared to short term results and the goal is for people to submit their contact information and then schedule a free visit. With this product (Invisalign) it’s important to offer some type of discount, we used $250 off. One of the interesting things we did was that after someone submitted the info, on the lead submission thank you page we drove them to make an appointment, and then if they didn’t we sent an automatic to follow up email with Zapier using the client’s email address.

For this case, we targeted the client’s location radius and the best working age range was 40+ yo women.


It’s important to mention the objective behind the copy: First, grab attention by acknowledging that they take care of themselves, and then we agitate the problem a little bit by mentioning possible insecurity, finally we describe an easy process that ends on loving your smile.

One of the real home runs was in the creative since we managed to sneak a couple of before and after braces – pictures, really demonstrating the dramatic change a person can have on their physical appearance, so these were the winning creatives.


To date, we generated 39 leads at a lead cost of $20-30 out of those the client managed to schedule appointments with over 70% to date with each client valued between $2,000-3,000.






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