56% Increase in New HVAC Customer Leads

The Problem

Aside from a poorly-constructed website mostly populated with manufacturer content, the HVAC company didn’t invest in any form of online marketing, including actively managing their website. With an overall goal of growing their business at least 15% per year, the client signed on with LCC. By launching a new website design and structure as well as investing in ongoing SEO, social media, call tracking and analytics and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, the client was able to increase website traffic by 57% and organic and direct contact form leads by 34%. 

The Solution


The company’s website was full of stolen content, so the first step was to design and code a brand-new website. We view websites as a virtual sales rep (rather than an online brochure), so our web design team designed and incorporated strategically placed contact forms to capture the contact information of potential customers looking for their services. It’s important to remember that the search engines rank pages individually (not websites as a whole), so with the new website came 30+ pages of new content optimized to draw in potential customers in their service area by outlining all the individual services they offer in their service areas.


We began by building out content with custom pages, each one optimized for specific key phrases and geographic locations. After flooding the site with quality content, we built out and corrected all name, address, and phone number (NAP) listings across all local and industry directories and social sites. Through all our efforts of continually optimizing content, improving the site and code structure, and creating consistent listings throughout the internet, we successfully increased organic phone leads and web leads by 54% 


For local service companies, your website can have 10,000 visits per month and it won’t mean a thing—unless they’re from your service area. By using our local SEO analytics, research, and optimizations, we were able to increase organic traffic to service pages from within their service area by 936% 


Organic search isn’t the only way to funnel people to your website. To supplement the new site design and SEO efforts, we began paid search ads and paid display ads through Google AdWords.


Since we produced a phenomenal cost-per-lead, we gradually increased the budget for the paid search campaign in order to maximize the company’s visibility in the search results and get more qualified leads. From January 2018 – July 2019, the search campaigns generated a return on ad spend (ROAS) of $6.43:1. DISPLAY ADS

Seeing a need to stay on top of existing and potential customers’ minds, we launched a display remarketing campaign with Google AdWords for a special financing offer. From January 2018 – August 2018, the ad was seen 216,864 times and generated 5 direct leads as well as 7 “view-through” conversions by users who saw the ad but converted later. 


In July 2019, we began a social media campaign for the company to engage with existing and future customers, as well as to build authority across social media platforms. We ran an organic campaign and two types of paid social media campaigns, one to gain page likes and one to increase engagement. Both paid campaigns were highly targeted by geographic location, demographics, and other target audience attributes. 

Through running these campaigns from July 1, 2019 – August 3, 2019, we increased total Facebook page impressions by 3,603%, with the client’s content reaching a total of 10,251 people. We also increased Facebook page likes by 157% and increased total post and page engagement by 372%.


Aside from its under-performing website issues, the HVAC/electrical contracting client also had a problem knowing which marketing investments were generating sales and revenue. With lead intelligence reporting, not only does the client now know how many leads they get from their website each month, they know what happened to those leads. Did they book the appointment? If not, why? How many of these leads were new vs. existing customers? What good is tracking your business’ phone calls if they don’t yield any information? With lead intelligence reporting, we were able to connect their marketing investment directly to their bottom line. We did this by attributing revenue to the leads we generated from our online marketing strategy, which gave the client a better idea of which avenues were working and which to tweak. 

Total ROAS on this company’s entire marketing investment with LCC was $14:1, an extreme improvement on where they started when they first sought our help.


The largest takeaway is that if you want to explode your online marketing results, it’s better to go all-in with your online marketing services. By leveraging a new website, SEO, PPC, social media, lead intelligence reporting, and customer service training, the client was not only able to capitalize on its newfound online real-estate, but also flood the local market in order to get the right message in front of the right people at the right time. By using various online marketing methods, the client was able to ensure all aspects of digital marketing were covered, boosting their overall authority and web presence. What good is tracking your business’ phone calls if they don’t yield any information? With lead intelligence reporting, we were able to connect their marketing investment directly to their bottom line. We did this by attributing revenue to the leads we generated from our online marketing strategy, which gave the client a better idea of which avenues were working and which to tweak. Total ROAS on this company’s entire marketing investment with Blue LLC was $14:1, an extreme improvement from where they started.



HVAC Contractor Sees 15:1 Total ROI

The Problem

Northwest Comfort Systems, an HVAC and plumbing contractor from Washington state, was struggling to grow their business because larger, regional competitors outranked them for local HVAC and plumbing keywords. Their situation got more complicated when they moved their location from Auburn to Seattle, where they weren’t found on the first page of Google for any of their services. They wanted to keep their search rankings in Auburn but also needed to outperform larger Seattle-based companies in the search engines in order to increase traffic and leads from their website.

The Solution

We started by putting tracked phone lines and URLs on all of the company’s marketing strategies to figure out which campaigns were generating leads and at what cost per lead. Our advanced tracking services allowed us to find the leverage points of their business and turn up the dial on advertising those specific services and features. In order to maximize our client’s online presence and search visibility, LLC’s SEO, PPC, and content marketing teams executed cohesive campaigns, including optimizing existing website content, creating new website content, and launching PPC and Google Local Services ads.

Local SEO was a large part of our strategy, which gave Northwest a boost in brand recognition and leads from Google My Business and Maps listings.


Since we partnered with Northwest, the company has seen continual growth in leads, booked jobs, and revenue from their digital marketing campaigns. They couldn’t have accomplished any of that without the spectacular results they gained from an in-depth digital marketing strategy from LLC. Over a 12-month period, Northwest and LLC generated:

  • 152% increase in total leads from the web
  • 138% increase in leads from organic search
  • 203% increase in leads from PPC
  • 162% increase in branded search impressions
  • 16:1 total ROI from digital marketing

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