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Convert Search to Sales!

Investing in local SEO means your business has an advantage over your competition to convert search to sales and appointments.

Our mission is to help local businesses optimize online search to the offline customer journey and drive recurring revenue.


What is local search marketing?

Local search marketing is a marketing strategy built to attract nearby customers to your business. This can include both paid and organic search methods. However, you can create an effective organic plan through search engine optimization (SEO).

Today, it is vital that businesses create a presence online. With a limited marketing budget, local SEO may be the only opportunity for your business to be found.

Here are some crucial areas to focus on for growing the right organic traffic to your website to convert search to sales.

  • Deliver quality content
  • Get creative with keyword targeting
  • Increase page speed
  • Maximize positive user experience
  • Submit to directories strategically
  • Optimize with Google My Business
  • Consistently manage reviews
  • Use local structured data (schema)
  • Build “local” backlinks

Create a custom local search marketing strategy

Your business is unique, but it is important to understand what some of your competitors may be doing to give them the edge, which could be the reason you may not be receiving the results you want.

As a local business, you must show up in local and organic searches to take your business to the next level. An extensive local search strategy will increase your visibility to any customer who is searching and begin to convert search to sales and new business appointments.


Request a complimentary Local Connect audit of your business’s current online presence and start building a solid location marketing solution to improve your discoverability and conversion.