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YouTube Marketing

Content marketing is like a magic pill for many companies. To present a product and make a consumer want to buy it, a seller should competently influence the audience. Infographics, texts, podcasts, courses, personal brand – everything is used.

But there is one promotion direction that overshadows the rest – video marketing.

Video is a foundation of the YouTube marketing strategy and here is how it becomes a strong tool of influence:

  • Video simplifies user interaction with information. Unlike texts, videos do not force people to strain and read. Now you can start the video and perceive the information in the background.
  • Videos combine sound and visual effects in such a way that they evoke emotions, do not leave a user indifferent.
  • Video content is easy to interact with – from the mobile phone, at any time and anywhere.

It’s the third most visited site after Google and Facebook:

  • 400 minutes of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute;
  • over 1 billion hours are viewed here daily.

Initially, YouTube was designed for entertainment purposes but today it’s also used for business promotion.

In 2019, almost 63% of brands used YouTube as a platform for the development of their business.

A well-thought-out YouTube marketing strategy should be based on the users’ preferences, interests, and needs of users. Your task is to transform the commercial message into useful material, presented in one of the following YouTube formats:

  • YouTube Live;
  • Unboxing video;
  • “How to” guides;
  • Users decide;
  • Videos around the routine;
  • Trendy themes;
  • 360-degree content;
  • YouTube ads;
  • Visual storytelling;
  • YouTube as a search engine.

YouTube ads

Advertising on television is becoming less and less popular and profitable; it is replaced by advertising on YouTube. 75% of adults watch YouTube videos in prime time, which shortens brands’ reach for users. You can achieve high lead generation results if you implement the latest YouTube trends in mobile advertising.

Visual storytelling
Users always want to be closer to the stars and brands, so you should create YouTube video formats that provide a feeling of such proximity. Such videos may document events or personal stories, for example.

You can record amateur videos and upload one episode a week to make users eager for the next portion. This really increases user engagement and retention. Try a visual storytelling technique to bring your brand closer to the audience.

YouTube as a search engine system

55% of search queries result in video content appearing in the search results, and almost 90% of the videos come from YouTube. If you know what keywords your audience uses, it makes sense to optimize your videos for these keywords. Every year, YouTube trends are changing as well as the ranking parameters, and they do not always benefit the marketers engaged in promoting brands and products. Often YouTube adjusts ranking algorithms according to the public changed needs or to specific events. This once again indicates that promotion on YouTube is a fine science – 45% of marketers spend more time on creating a YouTube marketing strategy than on any other channel.

  • YouTube is the third most visited site in the world;
  • People prefer to make a purchase after watching a video overview;
  • Users watch videos on the go, using mobile devices;
  • Your videos should answer the questions “how to do something?” and “why should a user buy your product?”;
  • Quality of the content, its value to the end-user and authenticity brings more results than direct sales & marketing messages;
  • Authority, expertise, keywords, and reliability are what Google values when ranking your videos;
  • Define the areas of interest of your users through the surveys and polls before creating every next episode.

Give people what they come to YouTube for – helpful videos that they relax and have fun with.

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