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Turn Your Google Listing Into a High Performing, High Converting Tool To Win New Business

What’s the first thing you do when you want an answer? You Google it! 

Many consumers do the same when looking to book a service or make a purchase. Most of your customers’ first impressions of your business are happening on Google. 

Google My Business is the front door for your online business – especially for potential new customers sizing you up against the competition. It’s critical to maintain your business’ foundational online presence since it’s the largest source of local searches for your services.

Your business’ GMB page your online foundation, connected to your business website and Facebook pages. Google My Business is essential to a successful marketing strategy and most businesses don’t realize it’s incredible power. Setting up and maintaining this page correctly will create a steady flow of FREE new business leads. 

Local Connect’s Google My Business Management Service unlocks the power of GMB with an optimized listing that helps capture new leads and convert searchers into customers.

GMB Advantages

Attract More Customers

Your GMB listing is the first thing a potential customer sees when they search on Google. Don’t get lost in the pack. Command attention, get noticed and compel people to choose your business from search results with our expert help.

Get Your Listing Noticed

Selecting the perfect primary category is a key element in your ability to rank. We’ll optimize your Business Profile with the best categories, attributes, custom description, precise map pin location, and more.

Leverage Features For Better Positioning

Strategically manage all GMB features to build a strong profile that gives you a competitive edge, and makes your business more prominent in search results. Consistently using all available features increases business owner and user engagement, which positively affects rankings. The feature helps you to;

Connect With Your Customers

Show customers that you’re listening, that you care, and create positive relationships by having our team respond to reviews and questions for you. We’ll help you stay on top of your reputation and work with you to turn negative reviews into positive opportunities to showcase your business’s proactive attention to customer concerns.

Engage Your Audience Through Posts

Keep your audience engaged and connected with fresh content added weekly to your Business Profile through Google Posts. A dedicated Account Manager works one-on-one with you to learn all about your business, current specials, products/services, and events to create unique and engaging weekly Posts that will make your business stand out on Google.

Increase Engagement

“With 82% of people turning to search engines to find local information” your GMB listing is the perfect place to showcase what sets your business apart. Google Posts allow you to engage with searchers directly in search results, the Local Finder, and Maps. We’ll create compelling content, share videos/images, events, and offers, with direct calls-to-action to capture your audience’s attention, and help grow website traffic and conversions.

Actively Manage Your Reputation & Customer Relationships

Reviews and Google Q&A have a direct impact on your reputation, local rankings, and overall sales. Searchers are drawn to companies that have the highest ratings, the most reviews, and business owners that respond.

Exceed Expectations

Get a custom review strategy that aligns with your business, helps establish a connection, builds brand loyalty, and boosts your rankings as reviews grow over time. Your Account Manager will respond to all of your new Google reviews, will engage in conversations with customers, and influence searchers to convert into clients.

Anticipate and Address Customer Inquiries

Google Questions & Answers is a powerful feature with prominent placement in your Business Profile. We’ll make sure your customers’ frequently asked questions are answered in advance, track and respond to all incoming questions and answers, and engage directly with users.

Uncover Website Optimization Opportunities

Your local rankings are impacted by both GMB and website optimization. Included in our initial audit for the Google My Business management service, is a review of your website for search engine optimization of titles, content, pages, and site speed. Getting these key on-site elements right can positively increase your local rankings. We’ll discuss our findings with you, then equip you with the full analysis and recommendations on what areas of your website need improvement.

Our GMB Management Service is designed for enterprise, multi-location businesses, home services, law firms, dental offices, & medical practices. Business owners and decision-makers who don’t have time to master Google My Business, but know that working with our experts gives them an edge over their competition. Investing a little of your time helps us make a greater impact, and understand that (as with anything) results take time.

Tag Page Visitors  

Remarketing is a way of reconnecting with users who have previously visited your website. By collecting data on these users, using platforms such as Facebook or Google, you can position targeted adverts to a defined audience when they are browsing other websites. Remarketing also encompasses the use of emails to reconnect with previous users.

Comparing click through rates for display vs remarketing, many businesses achieve a CTR 10x higher. That’s an average CTR of 0.07% compared to 0.7%.

We will enable FB pixel on web pages to tag all visitors. Monthly reporting of traffic and the pages/content they are engaging with. Remarketing is an option that will enable you to continue to engage website visitors that left without taking any action.  Remarketing more than doubles visitor conversion.

 Gain the edge you need to stand out, increase listing engagement, take control, and increase your local rankings, all for a reasonable monthly management price.

GMB Management Service

Only $297 per month

3-month minimum

6-month agreement; 1 month free

(Pricing in USD)

Your Fully Managed GMB Service Includes:

  •  Dedicated Account Manager
  • Listing Optimization
  • Weekly Google Posts
  • Managing Your Services and Products
  • Ongoing Photo/Video Uploads
  • Answering “Know This Place?” Questions
  • Managing and Monitoring Q&A
  • Review Monitoring & Responding
  • Reporting & Insights


Common Questions Answered

Can’t I just manage Google My Business myself?

You can manage your GMB listing, but ask yourself “how much is my time worth?” Staying up to date on Google’s changing guidelines, new feature releases and constant bugs is a full-time job, not to mention the time it takes to keep your business listing optimized and ranking.

Our GMB experts will make sure your business is showing up in search results and converting searchers into customers, so you can focus on growing your business and helping all of your new customers.

Isn’t my website enough?

What’s the first thing you do when you want an answer? You Google it! Many consumers do the same when looking to book a service or make a purchase. Most of your customers’ first impressions of your business are happening on Google. Google My Business is the front door for your online business – especially for potential new customers sizing you up against the competition. The good news is that our GMB Management Service keeps your business updated and managed, for a fraction of the cost of a new website.

We can even repurpose content from your new website to make it accessible to wider audiences. And of course, we’ll be able to let you know how many searchers clicked through to your website from your business listing.

Monthly reporting

Every month we will send you a monthly performance report that captures all actions taken on your GMB Business Profile:

– Phone Calls (additional cost for tracking line)

– Website Visits

– Direction Requests

– Views on Maps & Search

– Reviews

– Photo Views

– Post Views

What happens once I sign up?

Once you sign up for the Google My Business Management Service, your Account Manager will collect all of your business information in preparation for an initial call with you. They’ll review your GMB listing and email you within the next 2 business days to schedule a 30-minute call to review their initial findings and launch your project

This service sounds great, but will I get qualified leads?

We measure calls, website visits, and “direction” requests from your Google My Business listing every month so that you know how many customers are engaging with your business. This service also helps you manage and improve your reputation and promote your brand; both are incredibly beneficial and can improve conversion rate, but are more difficult to quantify.

We also implement the tags on your website and Facebook pages to begin to build your audience. This provides the opportunity to continue the conversation with visitors that take no action even after they leave your pages. 

This will also enable us to give you insight on which pages visitors are engaging with which will help to create even more engaging content for future past to your pages.

Does your GMB Management Service Help my rankings?

Yes, there are many areas of our Google My Business Management Service that have an impact on your Business Profile’s ability to rank locally. Our service goes beyond rankings, where the primary focus is on increasing your leads from GMB, but our work will also have a positive impact on your rankings through:

  • Implementing a review strategy, earning reviews, and responding to them.
  • Optimizing your listing and utilizing all available features.
  • Increasing business owner engagement signals.
  • Increasing user engagement signals.

Do You Charge a Set Up Fee?

Most agencies charge a setup fee, we do not. In the first month of service, setting up your campaign for success requires more time, planning, and extra hours, but we will not charge you more in the first month. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service and taking your Business Profile to the next level.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you are not required to remain subscribed to this service for a set time frame, however, to really benefit from this service we highly recommend a minimum of 3 months.




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