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Industry Specific Behavioral Targeting

Predictive modeling uses cutting edge technology to track a consumer’s online browsing activity and then connect the dots to pinpoint a company’s brand specific audience with unprecedented accuracy!

Automotive , Retail, & Specialty
Auto Dealerships, Repair & Service, After Market Specialty, Motorcycle Dealerships, Classic Car Enthusiasts, RV & Campers, Online or Brick & Mortar Retail, Beauty Products, Jewelry &
Fashion, Clothing & Apparel

Education, Family, & Home
College & Universities, K-12 Prep Schools, Online & Distance Learning ,Vocational Schools, Student Products & Services, Career Planning, Job Search Services, Military, Daycare & Child Services, Parenting, Eldercare, Pet Specific Products & Services, Home Repair, Decorating & Furniture, Gardening, Landscaping & Entertaining, Real Estate Services

Sports, Health, & Fitness
Sport Specific Targeting, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Nutritional Products, Men’s/Women’s Health, Ailment Specific Targeting, Gyms, Fitness Studios, Weight Loss Products & Services

Food & Drink
Restaurants & Bars, Cuisine Specific Targeting, Meal Prep & Delivery, Healthy Cooking, Diet Restrictive Products, Wine Enthusiasts, Grilling & BBQ, Coffee, Tea, etc.

Travel, Hobbies & Society
Destination Specific Travel, Cruises, Budget Travel, Theme Parks/Attractions, Book/ Movie/Music Enthusiasts, Arts & Crafts, Musician Services & Products, Home Delivery Boxes, Dating, Wedding Services & Products, Ethnic Specific, Misc. Hobbies & Interests

Finance & Business
Insurance Products, HR & Business Services, B2B Marketing, Financial Planning, Retirement Services, Political Campaigns, Credit Card & Loans, Stocks & Bonds, Tax Prep & Planning

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