Local Consumer Connect is a Digital Marketing Agency specialized in Organic Search and Social Media, building the foundation for location-based businesses to dominate Local Search. LCC’s unique strength is our expert consumer profiling. We profile and target your ideal prospect to connect online search to offline businesses and highly converting offline transactions.

Our mission is to help business owners and marketing executives use technology and the Internet to improve their marketing performance. This starts by accurately tracking every aspect of your strategy – even if the strategy is just a page online. Tracking will provide insights about your business and will change the way you look at marketing. The data derived and the insights provided by your Local Connect Account Manager will allow you to eliminate ineffective strategies and quickly identify new marketing strategies that have the potential to help you cost-effectively grow your business. You’ll also see opportunities to get more output from strategies you already in place – like your website or social pages.

We pride ourselves on learning a client’s challenges and crafting a unique solution. The key to our success lies within our innovative thinkers, creative marketers, and dedicated account managers who will stop at nothing to provide the best service possible. 

Schedule a Call to receive a complimentary, actionable evaluation, grading your current web presence. Our SnapShot Report will identify the areas that need improvement. The report includes instructions to improve the performance and increase the number and quality of your online leads and overall ROI.


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