Marketing funnels are a powerful way to shorten the time and effort necessary to turn strangers into patients. They are so powerful that I believe every dental office needs an online marketing funnel.

This is because online funnels help you automate many of the steps every person goes through before becoming a patient. First, they become aware of you, either through a personal connection or a marketing campaign. Second, they become interested in something you have to offer. Third, they decide to engage with you by calling your office, visiting your site, and learning more about you. Finally, they make an appointment for treatment.

This process can be time-consuming and expensive if it’s all done manually—in person or on the phone. With funnels, however, you can automate much of the process using a series of web pages that walk people through the pretreatment process.

Funnels can be created for any number of purposes. You can use a funnel to promote a specific high-value procedure. You can use a funnel to build an email list of people to contact if you need to fill last-minute cancellations. No matter what your goal, you can design an automated funnel to help you lower the time and money you need to spend accomplishing your goal.