Here’s What We Know


> Restaurants need to generate more revenue right now

> Maximizing revenue through staff and table volume is no longer reliable.

> The path forward is through automation and turning higher profits with fewer tables.

> Adapting to new processes must be low-cost, fast to set up, and low-effort. No exceptions.

> The hospitality industry is transforming, with an increased focus on health and safety.

The profit is in your setup. Implementing tools that work together to serve your customers safely and profitably.


Online Ordering

Your own integrated ordering designed for customer growth, retention, and maximizing the value of each relationship. Contactless dine-in ordering and payment.

Wait-line Management

No paper and Pen, no buzzers, wait line predictor, SMS communications, and incremental revenue with jump the line.

Reservations Management

No more per-cover fees, Amazon Alexa and Facebook Chat, and a new revenue stream with a “Select Your Table” feature.

Marketing & Loyalty

Highest converting retention, new customer tools with our SMS Marketing, and Social Media Sharing.