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According to a study, the first five websites (organic results) on the search pages get 67.6% of the total clicks. 

That means, if your dental website is among the first page ranking results on Google, for example, your site visitors will significantly increase. 

More people clicking on your site also increases your chances of getting more dental clients.

Orthodontist SEO can significantly boost your website traffic. However, SEO brings in high-quality traffic.

Whatever your specialization is, you want people who need your services to come to your orthodontic office. SEO can help you narrow down your audience.
Compared with traditional marketing techniques and even paid searches, SEO for orthodontists is a more affordable investment. It lets you generate more leads and direct marketing efforts to people who matter to your private orthodontics practice

Local SEO is a related and efficient technique that experts use. How do you search for orthodontists and their services online? If you enter terms like “orthodontic clinics near me” or “orthodontists in Brooklyn”, then you are not alone. Did you know that about 97% of consumers search local businesses in this manner? That’s because no one wants to travel far to get corrective braces or plastic aligners!
Applying local SEO for orthodontists through geo-targeted keywords allows you to concentrate your efforts on people in the community who need your services.
If you want to ensure that customers find your orthodontic practice online, you’ll first have to implement SEO, or search engine optimization.
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